Saturday, May 2, 2009

Orcon owns iServe owns Kiwiwebhost

It was announced ( on the 1st May that
Orcon have acquired iServe. iServe are the parent company for
Kiwiwebhost. It seems like a remarkable coincidence that in the days
leading up to this acquisition, Kiwiwebhost rushed into upgrading their
servers from php4 / MySQL 4 to php5 / MySQL 5.

Besides my moaning about all the hard work I had to suddenly do to get
my one osCommerce website ready for this upgrade, I am ultimately
pleased that the upgrade was made. PHP5 offers so much more in terms of
Object Oriented Programming ( OOP ) as well as increased security.
Kiwiwebhost have also turned Register Globals off. This closes a
fundamental security hole.

So well done to Kiwiwebhost for implementing a large upgrade in a short
period of just two days with outages amounting to less than 12 hours per
server that was being upgraded.