Sunday, April 6, 2008


I was asked to create a very simple application by a work colleague. The application was to maintain a list of members of the office Cake Club. The Cake Club is a group of people that buy / bake a cake on Friday to share with the rest of the members. This application needed an interface to add, edit and remove members of the club. It needed to send an email on Wednesday to the next person on the list for Friday. Then on Friday that person's date would need to be rolled over to the end of the list.

After much research I eventually decided on CakePHP as being the best framework to use. CakePHP allows the following benefits:
  1. Easy integration with CSS / XHTML templates
  2. Rapid development - Ruby on Rails style based on database tables that follow the correct conventions
  3. Boilerplate and custom data validation tools
  4. MVC design
  5. Loads of other tools and hooks that can be programmed in.
  6. A large and active user community for help and support.
The best place to learn about cake php is here:
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