Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Linux From Scratch ( LFS ) - An experience!!!

I have toyed with LFS before, but never on a system where I had any real chance of it actually working. I am now currently half way through chapter 5 of the book. This is the chapter where one compiles ( from source ) all the necessary components so that one might compile the actual components.

This process of building a toolchain on the target system is supposed to provide for a fully optimised Linux. The source code used is all released under the GNU license so it's a completely free operating system.

There is no real reason for going through this ultimately very boreing and labourious excersise other than to say, "Yes - I too have toyed with and successfully built my own Operating system from source code downloaded off the internet."

You can download the binary LFS, or by a CD with a fancy installer. LFS is a book with instructions on how to build an OS. The best way to read it is, of course, online so that the commands which are all nicely laid out in boxes with a grey background can be copy / pasted into your bash prompt. One after the other. While the compilation actually happens, its well worth reading the details found on each page. They are very useful if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the internals of a Linux OS.

Linux From Scratch can be found here.