Sunday, May 11, 2008

4 Gigabytes of RAM

I know - its an obscene number - but there it is. I now have 4 Gb Ram installed in my computer. Its the most the motherboard can handle but seeing as though it's mother's day - I thought I would treat her... :)

Here is what happened:

  1. The bios had no problems finding and providing the ram.
  2. My Fedora kernel ( i386 => 32 bit ) could only see 3 Gb.
  3. I installed the PAE variant of the kernel and that enabled all 4 Gb in Fedora.
    1. Had to switch from Freshrpms to Livna because Livna has more support for different kernels. I use livna for the NVidia and KQemu drivers. ( KQemu is what provides hardware acceleration for my virtual machines. )
    2. NVidia module for the PAE kernel installed fine and works fine.
    3. KQemu module for the PAE kernel installed and loaded fine, but the Guest machines just crash.
So I did lots of research and found out that 32bit OS's simply don't have a lot of support for more than about 3Gb Ram. The only solution to that was to install the PAE kernel. This worked to a point - no virtualisation which is a bit of a bummer seeing as though the whole reason for the upgrade was so that I could have better performance on my virtual machines.

The next step is to upgrade to an x86_64 ( 64 bit ) OS and see if that helps. I am waiting for Fedora 9. Quite eagerly now that I need to get my virt machines working again. I intend to install the 64bit Fedora 9 and the XEN kernel. Hopefully we see some results.

I got 4 gigs of raaaa-aaam. Naaa na na naaaaaaa naaaaaaah.