Friday, September 5, 2008

Canon LBP 3300 Driver for Fedora 9 x86_64

I have compiled the Canon Drivers for the LBP-3300 - B&W duplexing laser printer.

A list of supported printers:

  • LBP3310
  • LBP5100
  • LBP5300
  • LBP3500
  • LBP3300
  • LBP5000
  • LBP3210
  • LBP3000
  • LBP2900
  • LBP3200
  • LBP-1120/1210
I used to host a forum which had these drivers linked to them. A while a go, I removed the forum because it was not being used but have since found a posting on another forum that referred to them. So I have found them again in an old email I once sent and placed them here for people interested.

Here is the content of the email to lend it all some context:
Ok - They are attached. Intall the common one first because the other
one depends on it.

I have also attached a text file that gives information about the

I downloaded the source, met the dependencies and compiled it. I dont
have a cannon printer so I couldn't test it. This driver is purely
experimental in that it seemed to compile without errors and that it is

The guide package contains an HTML guide. Extract it then open the
contents.html in your browser.

Please don't blame me if this screws with your system.

Dave L

These drivers were compiled on Fedora 9 x86_64 and are totally untested. I would very much appreciate someone to download the rpm drivers and test them out for me. I don't own a Canon but have a customer who does and so I tried to help out. Unfortunately the customer has not let me know if it worked or not.


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Dear David,
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David Latham said...
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David Latham said...

You could try downloading it from: