Thursday, February 26, 2009

Helping out folks with internet access difficulties.

I subscribe to the NZLUG ( New Zealand Linux Users Group found at ) mailing list and received a very interesting item in my inbox this evening.

Internet Assist North Shore are looking for ways we can help out families who do not have the wherewithal or sufficient finances to get on-line. The idea is that we donate old hardware with opensouce only software and operating systems along with our time for installation, setup and training if required.

Another idea was also put forward to provide the actual internet access. However that is possible. I think they are looking for ideas.

One option might be through sponsorship. Corporates looking to provide their services might, for the extra publicity we could maybe provide, cover the $25.00 a month for a year or even 6 months to get folks on-line and up and running.

It might be tricky to work out who qualifies...

Anyway - those are my ideas... For now anyway. Check them out at:
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